I have seen this happen with each and every person who used to be scared of cats and then, at some point, met a cat in person.

Kitten Dynamics final


This is a couple of sketches I made inspired by a story I am reading by book author Giulia Blasi.

For my comic, “Leave Me Be”.

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Book cover for my upcoming comic. “Leave Me Be”.


Lola: “Stop! …please?”

Zach doesn’t know why he hates Benjamin so damn much. It might, after all, be his overly excited, joyous attitude… that and all this never ending stress.

Lola: “Smettetela! …per favore?”

Zach non sa perché diavolo odia Benjamin così tanto. Potrebbe, dopotutto, essere il suo atteggiamento troppo eccitato e costantemente gioioso… questo e tutto lEM#30o stress che non sembra mai finire.

Benjamin: “My dear fellow, I couldn’t help but notice that you seem to be a tad distracted lately. Want a piece of pie?”

Benjamin: Mio caro amico, non ho potuto fare a meno di notare che sembri essere un po’ distratto ultimamente. Ti andrebbe per caso un pezzo di torta?SMACK